Customer Service Policy


1. Scope

This policy applies to all communications between staff and customers of R.N Communications. It deals with expected service standards when responding to customers via telephone, email, in person, social media or through written correspondence. The policy also applies to customer queries and requests via associate businesses or through business resolution. However, this policy does not set service standards for internal interactions between business units or departments.

2. Purpose

This Policy has been developed to support RN Communication’s commitment to customer service - The Policy will also help, empower staff respond to customers in a manner consistent with company’s purpose of promoting a high level of customer service, promise of superior service delivery, and focus on excellent relationship development.

3. Policy

3.1 The Customer Service Policy shows the realization of R.N Communication’s Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build long lasting relationships with all our stake holders by improving and supporting our customer service charter “We specialise in providing seamless mobile telephone services, phone plans, connectivity, comprehensive mobile repair and refurbishing service. Our well-trained customer service agents and fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced technicians aim to deliver outstanding customer service, enabling the business to retain a high percentage of our customers.”

Customer Focus


We build effective relationships by collaborating with our internal and external teams, and support the role of leadership to achieve our goals.


The foundation of our work is Integrity. We act ethically, deliver on our promise, we are respectful and multicultural, and accept responsibility and accountability for our actions.

Our service commitment to our Customers

To provide the best possible service to our customers, deliver on our promise and making it easy to transact or do business with any of our stores.
To provide goods and services based on reasonable service expectations of our customers
To guide customers and the organisation in dealing with customer requests to ensure highest possible level of service and commitment is achieved, by:

  • Defining a ‘Customer’, ‘Customer Request’ and ‘Service Request’.
  • Establish principles for handling Customer Requests
  • Ensuring that staff and customers understand the level of service expected and provided when managing customer requests.
  • Being transparent in all our transactions
  • Accepting accountability in service provision.

Customer Reception

  • Customers should be greeted with a smile to communicate willingness to help, speak courteously, clearly and in a friendly manner with an appropriate level of energy.
  • Eye contact should be maintained, and the customer given 100% attention at all times
  • The customer’s name should be used at least twice during the conversation, if known, if not known courteously ask them
  • An open posture should be displayed, and a positive, receptive attitude maintained.
  • Customer should be thanked after service and wished a good day.

General Service Principles

While handling customer requests, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Acknowledge customers as soon as possible and keep our wait times to a minimum
  • Use initiative and time to understand and meet customer needs
  • Show courtesy and treat customers with respect
  • Improve convenience by customising service experience and access to information by providing a range of service options
  • Provide clear and accurate information
  • Give consistent information and advice
  • Greet and serve customers with a smile
  • Listen to customer feedback intently
  • Respond to complaints promptly
  • Provide customers with outcome after completion of the complaint process
  • Work with our customers to constantly improve service and provide the best advice

Our Service Procedures

Customer Requests will be handled in the following way:

  • Acknowledge request immediately
  • Respond to request within 24 hours
  • Update customer of progress of the request
  • Inform customer on completion of the request

Our Standards of Service

In serving our customers we have set the following service standards:

  • Answer 85% of calls within 3 rings or 10 seconds
  • Resolve 80% of customer enquiries at the first point of contact
  • When customers visit us, we will respond to 75% of enquiries within 3 minutes
  • Enquires through social media within 24 hours. We will strive to provide responses at the time or provide advice on how to officially lodge your enquiries with customer service
  • All written correspondence via mail or electronic transmission will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt and advise of completion in 7 - 14 business days.
  • Priority complaints with complex issues may take up to 21 business days to resolve.

Service level standards have been set for common customer requests. These standards are based and guided by the principles of the Customer Service Policy. The company will use the service level standards to measure its service performance.

Hours of Operation

During business hours, face to face, Telephone and Customer Service functions will be available. While after business hours, service will be provided through the an ‘After-Hours’ service to enable customers to contact via social media or e-mail.

Response to Unreasonable, Untenable, or Abusive conduct or request

The company commits to treating every customer fairly and equally. However, the company reserves the right to restrict or terminate all channels of communication with customers having unreasonable demands or behaviour.

The company identifies mainly three kinds of ‘unreasonable’ customers:

  • Those that make unreasonable and substantial demands on the resources and workload of the Company.
  • Those whose aim is to humiliate, harass, irritate, or annoy the service agents.
  • Those who become verbally or physically aggressive.

Team Care

This policy cannot be fully implemented by individual efforts. It is expected that all staff will contribute towards the achievement of our goals. Remember “TEAM CARE

Together      Everyone      Achieves      More
Customers      Are the      Reason we      Exist

Who is a Customer?

Our Customers are members of our community and people we interact with or provide service on a day to day basis including:

  • Members of the business community, Residents, Corporate and sporting and community groups and students
  • Tourists or visitors to the region

What is a Customer Request?

A request for service, action or information received in person, via any social media or over the phone, through email, by a customer is a service request. Customer feedback forms can be made as requests via the forms on the website or through feedback forms submitted at different stores.

What is a Service Request?

Customer requests logged in Customer Relationship Management Data are defined as service request. Service requests are fed into the data management files to assist action and manage requests.


Values have major influence on a person's behaviour and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. Core values may be the reason a customer decides to do business with us. They may also be the reason that our employees enjoy working at our company and are motivated and committed to doing their best work. At the same time, values are supposed to guide our actions.

R N Communications believes in 100% customer satisfaction through outstanding customer service, transparency in all transactions with our customers, product and service quality training to staff. Through our customer service department, customer can easily access information or updates regarding mobiles phone services, phone plans, updates on repairs or refurbishments or latest accessories. Customers can also visit our conveniently located stores or contact us via email, through our website or over the phone.

To expand the range of our high-quality products and services, we seek sustainable and new ways to deliver superior outcomes through creative thinking and continue to develop according to customer’s requirements and industry opportunities.

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